Secret Santa

The holidays are a special time for not only the chance to be surrounded with family and friends, but for businesses to give back to loyal customers. Jack's Restaurant Manager, Heather Hoffman and Executive Chef Art Blackmer decided to take it upon themselves to play Secret Santa and treat unsuspecting patrons to a delicious dinner.

One couple dining in the restaurant happened to be guests of Holiday Inn who decided to give Jack's a try for dinner. The decision was better than expected as they were greeted with excellent service in the restaurant and bar. Art and Heather made their rounds to make sure they were pleased with their meal and surprised them by compensating dinner! Heather suggested hitting the bar on their way out where further service was provided and great entertainment had by our weekend band. They posted a review of their experience on our Facebook - check it out here!

While multiple guests were treated, a favorite was the Spring Lake Lacrosse Coach and his wife. They were picked because of their inquisitive nature towards a summer busser, Matt. They discussed what a wonderful young man he is and what a great job his parents have done. As conversation continued they mentioned they have three kids of their own at home and decided to enjoy an evening with just the two of them.

The experience was rewarding for the managers and servers involved in our act of "Secret Santa", not only for seeing happy customers, but to learn more about them and their experience with Jack's. Stay on your toes - you never know what could happen when dining at Jack's Waterfront Bistro + Bar!