Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend is the most heavily traveled weekend of the year, with an estimated 42 million people traveling. We are thankful for the privilege of welcoming some of those travelers this Thanksgiving Weekend staying with the Holiday Inn Spring Lake and dining at Jack's!

We are also thankful for the families who chose to create a memory by celebrating Thanksgiving here at our buffet. Our staff served up a traditional Thanksgiving feast for over 500 people. Ever wonder what it takes to feed that many people?

Well just for fun, after the last table departed, the crumbs settled and the mounds of pots, pans and dishes were washed, we tallied what was served.

Thanksgiving 2014

118 pounds of Ham
174 pounds of Turkey
60 pounds of shrimp
100 oysters
412 pounds of mashed potatoes
134 pounds of sweet potatoes
40 pounds of butternut squash
432 hard boiled eggs
113 pounds of stuffing
4 gallons of ham gravy
27 gallons of turkey gravy

12 pumpkin pies
300 pumpkin pie shooters
150 cream filled chocolate cups
and last but not least 48 pounds of whip cream!


And those were just the staple items. The buffet also featured pounds of vegetable medley, green beans, mini marshmallows, salad, salmon, crab, and a variety of pies. We're so thankful for our dedicated culinary team, servers, and managers who all devoted their Thanksgiving to serve the families who chose to spend their holiday with us.

And with that we're on to the next. Breakfast with Santa Saturday, December 13th. Save the Date!